135 Years in Business

135 years, 6 generations, 2 World Wars and the Great Depression - this is our story.

October 26th 2018 is a significant date for Earp Bros, marking our 135th birthday. This milestone brings with it a sense of nostalgia as we remember our roots and think of how far we’ve come.

Earp Brothers Trade and Shipping Journal - 1889
Earp Brothers Hardware first tile import - circa 1960

From George Frederick Earp, who founded Earp Bros in 1883, to the current team of talented individuals, the company’s extraordinary products are designed, procured, sold and delivered by exceptional people using only the finest materials. Earp Bros have always been led by exceptional people. From the early partners Mr W.J Gillam, George William Earp and Frank Earp who formed import merchants Earp Gillam & Co., to our current directors, brothers Richard and Michael Earp who have revolutionized the company into what it is today; a leader in sustainable surface materials with a technical knowledge of ceramics unsurpassed in the industry.

Earp’s Motors showcase Model T Ford’s - circa 1922
Earp’s Motors premises - circa 1927

As a brand we are constantly looking forward. Our roots of selling coal, produce, commodities and building materials evolved into selling Model T Ford cars, then to the establishment of an automotive repair shop called The City Garage in 1914, and even Arnott’s biscuits in 1936. After World War Two, Mr Roderick Earp redirected the business towards hardware and ceramic tiles and this direction has held steadfast. Since then we have worked hard to gain our position as industry leaders in hard surface materials while always taking an ethical approach to business.

The East Greta No. 1 Colliery - circa 1894

As a leading supplier of ceramic tiles to the Australian market, it is our goal to work with both manufacturers and customers who share our ideals and vision. We pride ourselves on a philosophy of sustainable development and continual innovation, sharing our vision for a healthier future. We offer quality product from world leading manufacturers to our customers who recognise the importance of quality and sustainability. Earp Bros 135 year history of being one step ahead of the marketplace is further celebrated in our product offering. Our diverse collection ranges from beautiful marbles and natural stones to custom and handmade ceramics in a multitude of shapes and forms, to technologically advanced stone veneers and high performance porcelain tiles.

Earp Gillam & Co Bond Street premises - circa 1906
Earp Gillam & Co Bond Street premises - circa 1906
Earp’s Motors Model T Ford procession - circa 1922
Earp Brothers Telford Street premises - circa 1960

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