Colour Spectrum

Sevilla Rose

The colours of Spain - Sevilla and Málaga

Small format wall tile is back and the new release Sevilla and Málaga collections are sure to grab attention for all the right reasons. Sevilla is a rectangular tile measuring 200x316mm, divided into 6 squares.

Sevilla Acero
Sevilla Aqua

Málaga is a rectangular tile measuring 200x316mm, divided into 3 rectangles. The aesthetic strength of Sevilla and Málaga lies in the variety of colour options available.

Malaga Acero
Malaga White

Nine tones are available in an array of elegant colours from neutral beige and grey, to more dominant hues including; rose, aqua and ocean. The quality of these products ensures a highly durable and low maintenance surface, making it a great option for a feature wall in your next kitchen or bathroom project.

The colours of Morocco - Nazari

Nazari Safi

Nazari by L’Antic Colonial is a new release decorative material inspired by traditional Moroccan Zellij tile. Emulating the artisanal look and feel that is so appealing, Nazari manages to embody all the attributes of Zellij including the colour, movement and tonality of the traditional handmade material.

Nazari Ifrane

Paired with elegant design, Nazari is a machine made product that can stand the test of time both structurally and stylistically. Featuring rough edges and deliberate imperfections the collection embraces the characteristics of the handmade without sacrificing quality.

With the Mediterranean as inspiration, the colour palette is bold yet understated. It acts as a perfect transition from the current trend pastels into a richer more luxurious colour palette, perfect for those looking for a unique finish. From the blush pink of Asilah to the burnt yellows of Marrakech, the luxe greys in Safi and Sale add strength to the series alongside the green hues of Chauen and Fes. These colours embody a lively richness that is enhanced by a unique gloss enamel finish.

Nazari Asilah

Nazari is a ceramic wall tile available in a 115 x 115mm format with a consistent 12mm thickness, allowing for a much simpler and expedited installation than handmade products. It is a low maintenance surface that is fire and UV resistant.

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