Extraordinary XLight

Having revolutionised the interior design world with the debut range of XLight, Porcelanosa Group have extended the catalogue of premium large format porcelain tiles to offer even more variety.

XLight Premium is inspired by the natural authenticity and sophistication of marble. The range consists of more than seven product designs, all of them representing the luxury of fine marble crafted with the high-resistant and durable properties of porcelain.

Lush White Nature 1200x2500mm

The Premium XLight collection is the result of extensive research and development. Apart from its innovative large format, the most advanced technologies have been applied to the properties of porcelain tile allowing for the creation of a ultra-resistant, large format material with a reduced thickness of 6mm. This enhancement allows

for high fidelity and easy handling and installation. Most products are also available in a 12mm thickness making them ideal for kitchen countertop applications.

Wall / Aura Gold Silk 1200x2500mm

Synonymous with luxury and elegance, the XLight Premium series is shown as an option for residential and public floor tiles and wall tiles, in 120x250cm for wall covering and 120x120cm for flooring. Thanks to its reduced thickness, the product can be used as an elegant and ultra-resistant wall tile for furniture applications also. This unique range can integrate across every surface imaginable making it a showstopper in hard surface applications.

If you are seeking an unique, dramatic effect than look no further than XLight Premium for your next project.

Wall / Aura Gold Silk 1200x2500mm
Wall / Bosco Grey Silk 1200x2500mm

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