From the Editor - Winter 2019

We live in a global community where the impacts of our decisions as designers, suppliers and consumers have real world effects. 

Consideration for both human and environmental health are at the fore yet buildings still account for more than 25 percent of Australia’s emissions, not to mention the significant impacts of overseas construction material manufacturing. We have one of the highest population growth rates anywhere in the developed world, but our emissions targets are 26-28% lower than 2005 levels. How do we continue to build more buildings while reducing our environmental footprint so significantly? Thoughtful design with an emphasis on the lifetime impact of materials will be the only way forward if we are to have a positive impact on the future of both our built and natural environments. 

In this volume of Surface Australia we take a look at a modern and functional new home designed by Newcastle based firm Webber Architects, and we speak to Brooke Aitken of Sydney based Brooke Aitken Design to uncover her secrets for merging the traditional with the contemporary during the renovation of an original birthing bathroom in an old maternity hospital.

We explore the newest collection Bottega, breaking down the many facets of this contemporary porcelain range including the adaptive advantage of a single material across floors, walls, countertops and cabinetry. Recently awarded as the INDE Awards Asia Pacific winner in The Object category, we review the multifunctional yet minimalist OMNI breeze block designed by renowned Australian industrial designer Tom Fereday.

On top of this, we’ve carefully considered some of the common mistakes we’ve found occur when specifying tiles, combined in a handy ‘Top 5’ list to ensure you avoid them.

With so many changes occurring in both the building materials, design and specification spaces the path can sometimes be challenging - but together we can create healthier, sustainable, more beautiful spaces for both ourselves and future generations to enjoy.


Josh Earp

Editor - Surface Australia

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