STON-KER®. The ultimate in performance.

Imagine a tile so durable and hard wearing you could take a crowbar to it without a scratch. Be assured, such a tile exists with Porcelanosa Grupo’s range of technical porcelain tiles, known as STON-KER® . Regarded for their impressive hard-wearing composition and high-tech components, STON-KER®  easily surpasses the properties of conventional porcelain tiles.

Created in response to the most demanding architectural stipulations, STON-KER®  guarantees superior performance when used in high-traffic areas. STON-KER® is the perfect choice for projects that require a low-maintenance tile with a high resistance to wear and tear. Made exclusively from top-quality raw materials and able to withstand extreme weather conditions, STON-KER® porcelain tiles are designed for use on indoor or outdoor walls and floors. Porcelanosa Grupo have also engineered a range of tiles made from more than 95% pre-consumer recycled material with their STON-KER® Ecologic series.‎

In large formats of up to 294x1800cm, the STON-KER® range is ideal for cladding on façades or for creating a continuous surface, which achieves a lovely sense of spaciousness by minimizing the number of grout joints. Large format wall and floor tiles also simplify the tile laying process by cutting tile installation costs and labour time.

Facade Systems

A facade is the face of a building and offers protection from the elements. FV STON-KER®  was designed by Porcelanosa to provide technical and aesthetic benefits to a facade by eradicating thermal bridges and condensation, improving thermal insulation, ensuring air convection and reducing maintenance costs.

Butech, Porcelanosa’s specialist in technical solutions, have specifically developed tile-laying products and systems compatible with the STON-KER®  range. These systems guarantee successful tile-laying results, even in the most demanding conditions. With STON-KER®‘s advanced performance plus Butech’s technical solutions, this type of ceramic tile can be used for a vast array of applications including raised access flooring, ventilated facades and bonded facades.

In production for almost two decades, the Butech system has become a popular choice for building refurbishment and new projects. The bonded facade system by Butech is the easiest way to clad a building with STON-KER®  tiles as it takes into account all the different factors that may affect the quality of a tiled surface: substrate preparation, adhesives, tile-laying techniques, grout materials, cleaning and maintenance. All to ensure a perfect tiled facade.

Raised Access Flooring

Raised access floors allow access to wiring and cables underneath the floor. They also provide easy access to piping and ducts of different kinds. Raised access flooring allows these networks to be concealed in an organised fashion under the flooring. Using Butech raised access floor system, any 59.6x59.6cm STON-KER®  tile model can be used for raised access flooring on a metal framework foundation. This system can also be used for external applications to cover terraces and flat rooftops. Sloping substrates with flat surfaces can be fitted with exterior raised access flooring. This system was developed by Porcelanosa Grupo to improve the appearance, insulation and drainage of terraces and flat rooftops.

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