Sustainability by design

Prioritising sustainable design and construction methods can be tricky, and taking into account budget requirements and time constraints, sustainability during the design or build process could well be considered somewhat of a luxury.

We get it. The world of sustainable design and supplies can be particularly tricky to navigate. On top of all of the other decision-heavy tasks for your particular project, the process can actually seem slightly overwhelming. But all hope is not lost. The first step? Reach out to a supplier you can trust.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Earp Bros. We are Australia’s first and only supplier of Green Certified tiles and we take pride in upholding ethical values, and are proud to be the only Australian tile supplier to achieve Global GreenTag GoldPlus & Level A certification with Declare Red List Free status.

When it comes to your home, your personal or professional project, it’s important to make the right, healthy choice for you and your family. Tiles are manufactured all over the world and vary greatly by manufacturing method, working conditions, and raw materials. By engaging with suppliers that you can trust however, you can be assured complete transparency, allowing you to build with little to no VOC’s and the best product choices for the environment.

At Earp Bros we are proud to have access to some of the most beautiful and innovative sustainable tiling products and materials in the world. The following products are just a small example of the exquisite possibilities available for your next project, all designed with sustainability in mind.


Inspired by the natural Ceppo di gres stone of Lombardy, Italy, our Ceppo range of technical porcelain offers the perfect balance of colour, texture and movement. The elegance and beauty of naturally occurring Ceppo di Gré has been captured and artfully retold through one of the world’s hardest and most durable materials.


Absolute precision and craftsmanship combine to form the Starwood collection by Venis. Designed with the natural world in mind, these porcelain wood-look tiles carefully imitate natural timber with ultra-realistic detail.

With the new Starwood collection, The Porcelanosa Group have created a revolutionary product. Using an innovative new inkjet technology to form micro-structures on the surface, the intricacies of natural wood are stunningly reproduced, right down to the wood knots and timber grain.

The Starwood range is the largest selection of timber look tile colours in Australia, available in both decorative wall tiles and porcelain floor tiles for both residential homes and commercial projects (slip resistant finishes available).


The roughness of cement with a fine and sophisticated design, Bottega is available in both interior and slip resistant finishes for homes and commercial spaces.

The unfortunate reality is, the Australian construction industry generates more than 20 million tonnes of waste every year but as a community, we know we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Through knowledge, ethical partnerships and proven success, we know we can do better and our stance on ethical manufacturing is second to none.

If homeowners, builders, architects, designers, and suppliers work together, we can all do our best to not only improve the natural environment but look towards a much more sustainable future for the world at large. By using green-certified products you can be sure you are making the most sustainable choice. And it all starts at home.

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